Sunday, September 29, 2013

Infolinks Earnings

I'm so bored when I decided to check my account in infolink and here what I saw.

Unfortunately I still have to wait till it goes to $50.00... hahaha better than nothing. Atleast I'm not doing anything.

Monday, June 17, 2013

nTrust Mastercard now available

  • What is nTrust?
    nTrust is a secure online money transfer service that lets you easily send, receive, or withdraw money worldwide.
  • Why should I use nTrust?
    nTrust is the only online platform that offers free transfers between you and other members. Whether it’s one hundred dollars or 25 cents – in pesos or euros, it’s never been easier to send or receive money from one side of the world to another.
  • Why is nTrust different?
    At nTrust, our focus is making money transfers easy, accessible, and affordable. Whether you’re sending money to friends or family, providing funds to a child who’s studying abroad, or simply a giving a gift for the holidays, nTrust provides a seamless transaction process for each and every member. Plus, unlike other money transfer systems, depositing money and sending money is always free with no minimum transfer amounts or transaction limits.
  • How secure is nTrust? Is my money safe?
    Yes, nTrust uses the highest level of encryption, which meets or exceeds every known international banking standard. All data is protected and validated by Verisign, TRUSTe, and McAfee Secure. nTrust is certified as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1 - the highest technical and operational security standard imposed by the payment card industry. Our technical and procedural safeguards are being continuously reviewed and undergo formal quarterly assessments and comprehensive annual third party audits from certified PCI assessors to ensure implementation of best practices and world-class security.
  • What information must I provide to open an nTrust Account?
    All you need to get started is your first name, last name, and a valid email address. You will also need to submit supporting documents to verify the account information before we can process a withdrawal from your account. You can open your FREE account here.
  • What is an nTrust Vault?
    An nTrust vault is a secure, online portal that allows you to manage your funds online. Through your vault, you can access statements, send money between members, transfer money to your bank account, exchange currency, access personal information, check balances, and more.
  • What is an nTrust Card?
    The nTrust Card is a pre-paid Visa™ or MasterCard™, which can be loaded directly from your nTrust account. You can use the card at any online or point-of-sale merchants that accept MasterCard™ or Visa™. This includes over 1.7 million ATMs worldwide. nTrust Cards are free and can be requested through your nTrust account.
    At the moment, usage is restricted to a limited number of countries. We are working diligently to provide this product globally. Please check back shortly. Please check out the Pricing and Services section for more information on the nTrust Card.
  • What is the nTrust Community?
    The nTrust Community is an optional feature that keeps all your favourite senders and receivers in one place. Building your nTrust community makes it easy to transfer money to the people you send money to most often. Simply add nTrust members you know to your Community via email address, Facebook account, or Twitter.
  • How can I send money to people in my Community?
    It's easy to send funds to people in your community. Once you have added someone to your community, simply select the individual to whom you wish to send funds, or enter the recipient's email address. You can also transfer funds from My Vault with the 'Send' function.
  • Who runs nTrust?
    nTrust was created by a core group of professionals who are passionate about eliminating the gaps between the bank and unbanked population by providing the tools and means to freely access their own money. Learn more about nTrust by visiting the About Us section here.
  • How does nTrust help the community?
    At nTrust we believe in making basic banking services accessible where people need it most. We stand by our commitment to support the people and places we serve through fundraising and community outreach programs.
  • Are you licensed and regulated?
    Being the type of business that we are, we are required to be licensed and regulated by both governmental and financial regulatory bodies, and with that we are subject to regular audits and reporting requirements.
  • How do I contact Customer Support?
    For any inquiries, email us at

nTrust Card Usage and Fees

Where is the nTrust Card Accepted?

The nTrust Card can be used at any online or point-of-sale merchants that accept MasterCard™. This includes over 1.7 million ATMs worldwide.

How to Use your nTrust Card

You will use the nTrust Card just like you would a MasterCard™ credit card. Depending on the type of terminal the point of sale merchant has it will accept the nTrust card like a credit card (swipe/signature) or like a debit/credit card (pin entry). For online purchases you just have to enter the nTrust card details.
  • There is no charge to you when using your nTrust Card for purchases online or in store.

nTrust Card Currency

At this time nTrust can only issue cards to residents of the Philippines.   A new card program for our international customers will be coming on board very soon…. stay tuned

nTrust Card Limits

The nTrust Card load limit is set at PHP200,000 per calendar month.

nTrust Card Expiry Date

Two years from the date you requested the card.

nTrust Card Activity

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the historical activity that takes place on your nTrust Card, but we do provide you with the most up-to-date balance available on your card.
Your nTrust Card Balance is available within your nTrust account under View Statement; within nTrust Cards.  This is updated each time you log into your account. The View Statement will show you the transactions you made to the card through your nTrust account.
You can also check your Card Balance at any Local or International ATM Location.
  • Security Bank ATM Balance Inquiry – FREE
  • Local Philippines ATM Balance Inquiry – PHP 1.00 per transaction
  • International ATM Balance Inquiry – PHP 60.00 per transaction

Withdrawing Funds from your nTrust Card at an ATM

Once funds have been instantly loaded from your nTrust Account to your nTrust Card you have the ability to withdraw these funds at a Local or International ATM.
  • Security Bank ATM Withdrawal – FREE
  • Local Philippines ATM Withdrawal – PHP 10.00 per transaction
  • International ATM Withdrawal – PHP 300.00 per transaction
*You can also visit a Security Branch location to process an Over the Counter withdraw from your nTrust Card for PHP 100.00 per transaction.

Replacement Card

For a lost or stolen card, please email us immediately at  and describe the situation with your lost nTrust card.
  • A replacement card is subject to a replacement fee of PHP 150.00.

Can I use my nTrust Card with Paypal?

We have received several queries from customers in regards to registering or using their nTrust Card to their PayPal account.
Firstly, please understand that the issuing bank and merchant have the ability to place restrictions on where or how the card can be used; this is based on their own internal business rules and out of the control of nTrust and the nTrust Card Program.
We have encountered customers that have successfully registered their nTrust Cards to PayPal as such we are able to provide you with some helpful tips and assistance with this 2 step process.

The first step is to register your nTrust Card

You will be asked to enter your name, address, card number and card verification number (PIN), card type and expiration date.    Please ensure this information matches that of your nTrust Account/Card, any differences may cause an unsuccessful registration.
Other successful reports have mentioned you must have a balance on your nTrust Card for this be successful.

The second step is to verify your card in your PayPal account.

This is a security measure that PayPal has put in place to verify the card and your PayPal account.  Once the card is successfully registered they will instruct you to “Confirm My Card”  this will place a temporary charge on your card account along with a 4 digit verification code which can take several days to appear.
Please note that nTrust does not provide transaction history for the nTrust Card, so we are not able to provide record of the amount charged or the 4 digit verification code.
As a security procedure the card issuing bank, Security Bank Corporation has made the decision to not show the PayPal 4-digit verification code on the card statement.   In order to obtain this information you must contact the card issuer, Security Bank Corporation directly through their Customer Service Hotline at 88-791-88.  Please note that you may have to answer some security questions for account verification.
If you have attempted these steps correctly and your nTrust Card is being denied, please understand this is not a restriction that nTrust is placing on your card but a restriction that may come from the issuing bank or merchant based on their own business rules.
The nTrust Card can be used directly at any online merchant or ATM that accepts MasterCard, to find out more check out the nTrust Support Site and the nTrust Card Overview.